• What I’ve got for you

    Here’s where you describe what you’re going to deliver with your offer.

  • Bullet Points

    Use fascinating bullet points -- they’re more scannable. You may want to boldface certain elements to make the content even more scannable.

  • Focus on benefits, not just features

    Do include features that are relevant to your buyer, but be sure they’re always paired with benefits.

  • Example

    Each week you’ll get at least one MP3 audio lesson and a Next Action worksheet to get you out of theory and into doing something.

Pull out a particularly juicy benefit

Select one benefit you think will nudge the reader off the fence and into becoming a buyer. Describe that benefit here.

Compelling Call to Action
  • Testimonial Name
    This is a good spot for a testimonial. Make it one that tells a story about the juicy benefit you just highlighted.
    Testimonial Name

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs can help you overcome objections! Your customer will have questions, so make sure you answer them.

Objections are all the reasons your prospect might not buy. She might feel the price is too high. (In which case you need to build the value of what you’ve got.) She might be concerned that the product won’t work the way you’ve said it will.

She might be afraid she will feel foolish for buying the product, and may feel she needs “justification” for her family or friends. Each objection should have its own subheader and its own section. After you’ve addressed each objection, you may want to include a testimonial that speaks to that objection.

  • Testimonial Name
    This is a good spot for a testimonial. Make this a testimonial that addresses the objection you’ve just talked about. You can include testimonials that address each objection if you like.
    Testimonial Name

Call to action

Now you’re ready to ask the reader to do something. This is your call to action (often abbreviated by copywriters as your “CTA.”

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